Locked down in Berrueco. My experience.

(IES “Valle del Jiloca”, de Calamocha – Teruel) Jeremy, who normally lives in Scotland, spends seasons in a small village in the province of Zaragoza called Berrueco. He visits our Secondary School every year; the last time he was at School was on February 7th 2020 and gave us a lecture titled “Scotland and my personal career” that students really liked. (read more)

Fase provincial (Teruel) del torneo de debate

(IES “Valle del Jiloca”, de Calamocha – Teruel) El pasado viernes 28 de febrero de 2020 tuvo lugar en el IES Salvador Victoria de Monreal del Campo, la fase provincial del Torneo Autonómico de Debate que cumple este año su segunda edición, y que está dirigido únicamente al alumnado de 4º ESO. El tema objeto de debate giró en torno a la siguiente pregunta: “¿Debe prohibirse el plástico?”.

International Mother Language day

(IES “Valle del Jiloca”, de Calamocha – Teruel) International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on 21st February since 2002. Students of the IES  have been involved in various activities related to this day:

  • They have researched about this celebration answering sereral question like:
    • What do we call “mother tonghe”?
    • What is the porpuse of the “mother tongue day”?